Yellow Yam Vodka: A Taste of Jamaica from Wait a Bit

In the picturesque town of Wait a Bit, Trelawny, nestled within Jamaica's stunning Cockpit Country, a unique spirit is taking shape. Wait a Bit Vodka, a premium small-batch vodka, is crafted from select yellow yams grown by small farmers in the surrounding mountainside. This innovative vodka, made with locally sourced spring water, is gluten-free and boasts the freshest taste on the market.

Wait a Bit Distillers, founded by Lincoln Nicholson, emerged with a vision to produce top-tier spirits that capture the essence of Jamaican flavor. The ingredients for Wait a Bit Vodka are sourced within a 10-mile radius of the distillery, ensuring the freshest produce and supporting local farming communities. Each bottle of vodka is crafted by hand, reflecting the brand’s commitment to artisanal quality.

The first major breakthrough for Wait a Bit Vodka came after a tasting session with a renowned spirits company, which praised the vodka's exceptional quality. This endorsement has propelled the brand forward, with the product set to hit select retailers in late June 2024. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the fresh taste and local ingredients that define this unique vodka.

Nicholson's journey into vodka production began as an extension of his successful yam export business. Despite challenges, including engineering hurdles and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project flourished. The vodka's creation involves cooking and fermenting the yams, then blending them with Cockpit Country spring water and secret ingredients, culminating in a smooth, premium spirit.

Wait a Bit Vodka aims to achieve international recognition, celebrated for its distinctive use of Jamaican yellow yams. The brand's success also benefits the local community, providing a competitive market for yam farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Jamaicans are encouraged to support this homegrown product, which embodies the spirit of patience and perseverance, much like its namesake town. With its roots deeply planted in Jamaican soil, Wait a Bit Vodka is poised to make a global impact, one glass at a time.

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