Jamaican Children's Books Written and Illustrated- Irie the Caterpillar, Back to Basics: Dancehall ABC &More. Handsigned by Author

Thes books have positive messages about life that are illustrated with vibrant drawings. Each copy is hand-signed by author and can include a special message for you or children. The cost is per printed book. Let us know which one you'd like when ordering (ships from Jamaica) The books available are:

- Irie the Caterpillar
- Irie the Butterfly
- Back to Basics: Dancehall ABC
- Out of Many, One People

Back to Basics: Dancehall ABC is great for using Dancing (Jamaican dancing) to teach children ABCs and dances associated with the alphabet.

Out of many, One people: The story of Jamaica illustrated is a beautifully illustrated historical picture book by Kavion Robinson. This book documents historical figures throughout the history of Jamaica from the 1400s to the present. This book features over 40 original works of art by Kavion Robinson.

Irie the Caterpillar is a creative story about a caterpillar (named Irie) who is afraid of the darkness of the cocoon. It inspires children to overcome their fears and showcases the meaning of the Jamaican word, Irie.

Irie the Butterfly is part 2 to Irie the Caterpillar. His transformation is now complete! Or is it? Irie the caterpillar is now a beautiful butterfly... but it seems he still only knows how to be a caterpillar. Join Irie on his new journey of self-discovery as he learns about his new body and abilities as a butterfly. Will he live up to his namesake? Will everything be all right?

Let us know which book you'd like when ordering. Thanks and blessings!

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