Jamaican Chicken Maggi Seasoning

MAGGI is the #1 Jamaican season all year round. Looking for something to spice up your pot, then look no further because MAGGI SEASON is exactly what you're looking for. MAGGI SEASON was originally intended to make soups and stews taste heartier for factory workers who didn't have much money for meat. MAGGI Season Up is a superior blend of herbs and spices,

Our Maggi seasoning comes in (4) Four different flavors: All-purpose, Chicken, Fish, and Jerk. When cooking with Maggi season it shall leave your house smelling like a five-star restaurant. It's perfect for use with your regular fresh seasoning during the pre-seasoning stage of food preparation, Stop cooking meat and vegetables without flavors, start by adding a little flavor by Ordering a bottle of Maggi season NOW!!!.

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