Ground Pimento

St.Bess ground pimento is an all-natural spice that is mainly found in Jamaica. pimento is the most important spice in Caribbean cooking. its pleasant aroma resembles a blend of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg with peppery overtones.

Pimento is a dried berry from a tropical evergreen tree and is used to flavor pickles, relishes, sauces, poultry, fish, stuffings, and cooked vegetables. The warm, aromatic spice may be used in cakes, puddings, and preserves.
while pimento is known to be used as an allspice in cooking it also has a lot of health benefits that include Allspice essential oil, when added to massage oils and baths, is known to promote circulation so as to relieve pain from muscle cramps and strains. Also, it is used for headaches, to combat stress and depression, and to overcome fatigue because of its comforting scent.

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