2-in-1 Jamaican Colored Head Wrap

Due to our knowledge and research, the headwrap has stood the test of time and remains an important part of Black culture. Here, we will be delving into a brief history of the headscarf worn by women throughout the African diaspora.
As a child, I was constantly immersed into my Jamaican heritage and culture through various mediums. Whether it was through the language, food, music, or traveling back to embrace every aspect of my parents’ birth country, I was undeniably rooted in my culture and my culture was rooted in me. When we did travel back home to Jamaica, which was practically every year since my birth, I remembered noticing at a young age the common use in wear of a “head tie”, as my mother and aunts always called it. When going to market or visiting family in Jamaica’s countryside, almost every woman I knew wore colorful head tie wrapped neatly atop their heads. These head ties were old T-shirts turned headscarves or uniquely patterned scarves twisted and wrapped around the crown of the head.

Our Jamaican colored, 2 in 1 headwrap is made deep into our Caribbean roots just for you! so you can feel African-Caribbean culture upon your head

Size: 62 * 17 in. Jamaican colored on 1 side and you get to choose the style you want from our collection. We are in Jamaica so shipping will be at the time our local post office ships. Also, expressed shipping can be arranged. Thank you for supporting our Jamaican store.

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