Disruptions Unravel: Bomb Threats Shake Multiple Schools Across Jamaica

In a startling turn of events on Thursday morning, several schools found their routines abruptly interrupted by the ominous presence of bomb threats delivered via email. Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, leading the charge at the JCF's Corporate Communications Unit, reported that emergency services swiftly descended upon schools in Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Clarendon, and Trelawny.

Collaborative efforts between law enforcement and various agencies, including the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, were set in motion to meticulously comb through the affected locations.

The unsettling situation prompted the evacuation of Sabina Basic School in Portmore, St. Catherine, as a precautionary measure due to its proximity to Greater Portmore High School, which had received a threatening email.

Ricardo Ross, Principal of Greater Portmore High, clarified that the school wasn't the intended target according to the email's contents. Nevertheless, prioritizing safety, the decision was made to evacuate the premises, allowing the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

Ross assured the public that no explosive devices were discovered, and normal classes are set to resume on Friday.

Reports from Radio Jamaica News revealed that additional threats were directed at Immaculate Conception High in St. Andrew, Old Harbour High in St. Catherine, as well as Lennon and Denbigh High schools in Clarendon. The ripple effect of these incidents underscores the critical need for heightened security measures and collaborative responses to safeguard our educational institutions.

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