Di Jamaican Easter: A Kid's Book about How Jamaicans Celebrate Easter

Bun an Cheese by Louise Bennett-Coverley

Dem Bwoy dah jeer Miss Matty,
An a mock her an tease,
Dem a kill demself wid laugh mah
An a call her Bun an Cheese
Dem sey from Good Friday mawnin
Her jawbone no get ease
Mawnin  noon an night bedtime
She was nyamin Bun and Cheese
Fe breakfuss lunch an dinna
She got so-so bun and cheese
She kea it go a church an
Movin pictures if you please
She no count saltfish an ackee
Cut her y’eye pon rice an peas
Hear her “me put pot pon fire
When me got me Bun and Cheese!”
Easter time gwine come an go weh
Days an moment fly like breeze
But as long as Matty live dem bwoy
Gwine call her Bun and Cheese!

What a poem, eh! In the love of preserving Jamaican culture, here's a kid's book dedicated to how Jamaicans celebrate Easter.

"Dí Jamaican Easter" invites young readers to bask in the sunshine and vibrant traditions of Easter in Jamaica. In this unique island celebration, forget the Easter Bunny – it's all about the delicious Bun and Cheese! Dive into a culinary adventure with buns that come alive with raisins, fruits, nuts, and a touch of rum for the grown-ups. From HB to National, the variety is endless, and when paired with the beloved Tastee cheese, it's a combination that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Join in the excitement as kites soar high in the tropical sky, painting a rainbow of colors against the backdrop of Jamaica's Easter festivities. Discover the island's rich traditions, from church celebrations honoring Christ's resurrection to Easter Monday beach parties that infuse the air with the rhythm of reggae. Feast on special Easter meals featuring escoveitch, roasted, or fried fish with delectable side dishes like breadfruit, festivals, or rice.

Experience the magic of Nut Tree traditions, where the belief in the tree's transformation on Good Friday adds a touch of mystery to the celebration. As a predominantly Christian country, Jamaica takes Easter seriously, with some giving up alcohol and meat during the Lenten period. The book beautifully captures the island spirit, where Easter is not just a celebration but a lively reflection of faith, family, and the joy of life in the heart of the Caribbean. "Dí Jamaican Easter" is an engaging journey through the island's traditions, inviting children to savor the unique flavors, sounds, and colors that make Easter in Jamaica a truly unforgettable experience. Get Di Jamaican Easter Kid's Book here

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