Cedella Marley Resigns as Reggae Girlz Global Ambassador: A Decade of Dedication Comes to an End

Jamaican singer and entrepreneur Cedella Marley, daughter of reggae legends Bob and Rita Marley, has tendered her resignation as the Global Ambassador for the Reggae Girlz with immediate effect. This announcement, made through a letter to the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), marks the end of her just over 10 years in the post, a position she took up following her appointment by the late JFF president, Captain Horace Burrell.

The departure of Cedella Marley from her role as the Reggae Girlz Global Ambassador has left a void in Jamaica's football program. Raymond Anderson, JFF vice president, commented on the serious setback, emphasizing that Marley's resignation speaks to the lack of trust in the current leadership. He condemned the treatment of the Reggae Girlz and Ambassador Marley, highlighting issues such as lack of communication, unfulfilled promises, and overall disregard as inexcusable.

Anderson expressed deep gratitude to Cedella Marley, the Bob Marley Foundation, and their affiliates for their invaluable contributions that allowed the history-making Reggae Girlz to shine on the world stage. He lamented that in just three months, the JFF has managed to undo what took a decade to build.

The Reggae Girlz, under the leadership of Cedella Marley, achieved historic milestones, including holding favorites Brazil to a goalless draw and advancing to the second round of the FIFA Women's World Cup last year. This remarkable performance revived the Jamaican women's national team, which had been disbanded in 2008 due to funding cuts.

Cedella Marley's commitment to the team's revival extended beyond her role as an ambassador. She played a pivotal role in reorganizing women's football in Jamaica through the Bob Marley Foundation, pumping in financial support to empower aspiring female footballers. Her efforts were instrumental in the surprise qualification of the Reggae Girlz for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Cedella Marley, a Grammy-winning artist, has not only left an unforgettable mark on the music industry but also contributed significantly to sports and philanthropy. Her departure from the role of Global Ambassador is met with gratitude for her years of dedication and an acknowledgment of the challenges faced by the Reggae Girlz and the need for continued support in the future. As she takes this step, her legacy of empowerment and resilience will undoubtedly resonate with those who have been inspired by her journey.

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