Breadfruit and Ackee Art Print, Hand-Painted by Jamaican Artist - Get Your Taste a Yard with this Artwork! Support Jamaican Creatives

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A beautiful, hand-drawn painting print of our national fruit, ackee, and our yummy breadfruit painted by Jamaican artist, Kavionart. Ackee is our national fruit. Pair it with saltfish and you get our national dish. Breadfruit is a staple food we love in Jamaica, roasted, fried, and or boiled. This print piece is a great decor for homes, restaurants, hotels, and more. Have a piece of Jamaican culture and cuisine with you or gift it to a friend. Preserve and celebrate Jamaican culture with this unique and valuable piece. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Follow us on Instagram. Favorite our store so that you can be notified when we have new releases. Also open to making other designs for you.
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