Bamboo Rafting in Blue Lagoon Art Print done by Jamaican Artist KavionArt

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Kavionart is a passionate Jamaican artist who showcases the beauty and history of Jamaica. He painted this beautiful scene of Bamboo Rafting at Blue Lagoon, Portland. This is a beautiful and awesome experience rafting on the river. You don't have to leave this memory or experience at Blue Lagoon, carry it home with you through this beautiful art print. Get it for your homes, offices, event spaces. Be at peace when you look at this art piece that inspires tranquility. Blue Lagoon is located in Port Antonio and is a wildly popular travel destination for families and honeymooners. With glistening, turquoise blue waters surrounded by lush greenery, Blue Lagoon is a vision of beauty. The color of the Blue Lagoon is a spectacular turquoise blue and the temperature of the lagoon can be somewhat cold. For many, many years, no one could find the bottom of the lagoon and it was thought to have been bottomless. However, the lagoon is now known to be about 170-180 feet deep. The bamboo raft that has been made famous in Port Antonio by movie star Errol Flynn will be your water chariot to get an up-close look at the Blue Hole, the water so beautiful it inspires poetry and art. Your experienced raft captain will take you on a breathtaking perusal of our coastline and on to Monkey Island, where you are welcome to explore our mini island off the beach of SanSan. Anywhere along your ride, you are welcome to jump in and bask in your favorite parts of your journey. Art print is printed on Paper. Any other material will attract an additional cost. Print sizes available for these images are 11x14in Youtube:
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