50 Jamaican Great Proverbs Workbook, Great for Yaadie, Lovers and Learners of our nice Jamaican dialect

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This book contains 50 Great Jamaican Proverbs. Each proverb is translated into English and the reader gets the opportunity to figure out the meaning of each proverb. This is a fun and educational workbook that will also help you to understand the Jamaican dialect (if you don’t know it already). If yuh a Yaadie, get this for the enjoyment of our beautiful and vivacious dialect. You’ll definitely be reminded of some crucial life lessons as these proverbs may sound funny but actually contain deep and essential meanings and lessons for life. Feel free to contact us at if you have anything to say to us. Check out our store -Irie Meekings, our YouTube channel – Destination Jamaica (search for Farm Pon Di Wall, you are sure to find it). Do enjoy and you can use this book to include a proverb a day in your everyday life!
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