Jamaican Dancehall ABC Book called "Back to Basics" showing you Jamaican Dance Moves for Every Letter of the Alphabet

Waa gwaan? Check out our children's book, "Back to Basics: Dancehall ABC". We are passionate about Jamaican culture and history. We wrote it to preserve some of the older Jamaican dancehall moves such as the bogle, willie bounce, etc. It is a great book to learn about our dancehall movements, bond with younger children by showing the dance moves, and be involved in our culture. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and vibes. Also, it tells a positive story about a boy called Junior who loves dancing but hates reading. His mom uses something he loves to teach him something he hates.

See blurb below:
"Back to Basics" introduces an unconventional way to teach your child reading through dancing. This book is also ideal for bonding with your children. Join Junior & his mom as they bust a move from Letters A to Z. And don't forget to dance too!

With this purchase, you'll get a digital copy of "Back to Basics: Dancehall ABC."

If you're interested in a physical copy, let us know. Thanks!

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