Jamaican Crochet 'International Island Vibez Bikini' - Hand-made by Jamaican Shelly - Support Island Talent

Excited for summer but still can't find a swimsuit to wear to the beach or pool ?, then look no further because our Jamaican Crochet 'International Island vibez' bikini was definitely made for you.
This Bikini is the definition of an eye-catching culture set. We guarantee that all eyes and compliments will be on you! You know seh Jamaican guh haad or stay a dem yaad 🙂

This bootylicious two-piece set will make you feel shapely, sexy, alluring, and fashionable either day or night.

Our Jamaican Crochet Bikini set is handmade with love by our dressmaker, Shelly. Our goal and mission here at "Irie Mekkings" is to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin and to do that we've made this bikini set both revealing and non-revealing. Our bra piece is made with a deep V-cut shape and detailed style at the bottom but still able to cover your breast where necessary. Our bottom piece is made with side detachment that is laced up in a criss-cross manner, it's also made with detailed style on both back and front.

*Small sizes*
*Please note that prices may change due to the size of the bikini and also a picture of you may be required*

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